Green International Express Co., Ltd. is committed to providing fast, professional door-to-door express delivery of global business, supply chain, as well as related value-added services as well as to meet the different needs of customers and provide a variety of international transport solutions. In the company, “Service for the first, Improve the network construction, Maintain the common development” are our basic principle.With the well-know domestic and foreign logistics companies’s integrating strategies and through the joint efforts of all staff ,6LS’s internet service is all over more than domestic 100 cities and more than 200 countries in the world! Company adhere to the "united, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, "fast, accurate and safe, thoughtful" approach to service, dedication to meet customer requirements. At the same time, we adhere to the highest industry standards and consistently provide customers with safe, convenient and fast services, with advanced management ideas and network advantages, as well as express delivery services, and has a professional staff of the Express, has set a good Corporate image. And the vast number of customers as a means of obtaining the unanimous praise and trust. It is our duty to actively explore the needs of customers, providing customers with fast secure distribution channels; been introducing new services to help customers according to market faster and better respond to changes; customers to shorten the trade cycle, reduce operating costs To improve the market competitiveness of our customers. In addition to the in-house training a group of the pillars outside, but from other sectors to absorb the elite to meet the rapid development of business services, as well as continuously improved. Our goal is to achieve the shared network resources, sharing of client resources, information technology sharing, network-wide adoption of reached the scale of efficiency and effectiveness of the realization of the brand. We believe that the technical professional services is a prerequisite for guarantee. Green's international courier everyone sincerely look forward to working with you to work together for a better tomorrow!. We believe that you will be satisfied for your choice of 6LS!
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